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What is better Latisse or RapidLash ?

In the eyelash growth market, it is hard to compete with Latisse, but many products try because dramatic, thick, full eyelashes are desirable and sexy. Latisse is the only clinically tested, FDA approved, proven formula that has an active ingredient that literally stimulates each eyelash to stay in its growth phase for longer. The results is longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes that are less likely to fall out and more likely to have health, shine, and a naturally seductive curl.


RapidLash is like many of the other competitors in the industry. It is made from a formula of many vitamins, minerals, and polypeptides that are in fact beneficial to hair, but in a more conditioning, temporary way. RapidLash does advertise that millions of customers have been satisfied with the product and that it will enhance your eyelashes in the way that Latisse does. However, eyelash conditioners are simply just that – conditioners. None of those ingredients are tested or proven to grow hair in any way. If you are looking for a truly remarkable, noticeable, and spectacular change, then you may want to talk to your doctor about trying Latisse instead.


RapidLash can give your lashes a boost in shine, plumpness, and maybe a temporary appearance of longer lashes. Latisse will actually make your lashes longer. It’s not temporary and it is completely safe. More than 80 percent of Latisse users saw absolutely no negative side effects and instead saw their lashes double in fullness. This type of eyelash growth can dramatically improve your appearance and make your face even more beautiful than it already it. Why not add youth and health to your eyes? Ditch the mascara that usually clumps and runs if you cry, swim, or sweat. Try Latisse to get the real eyelashes that you’ve always wanted.

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