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Optical Illusions By Latisse

Optical Illusions By Latisse

An optical illusion is like magic in that things are not what they perceive to be in reality. Our five senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell – are there to help us cope with the environment; but 75 percent of the information humans receive comes from our sight, which makes it the most important of the five senses. Optical illusions come into play when differences occur between our perceptions and the image viewed by the eye. Our brains are trying to interpret what we see. Sometimes, we create a perception that in reality does not match the real image. Optical illusions trick our brains into seeing things that may or may not be real. Here are some fun optical illusions to try out and see if your brain can accurately interpret the images from your eyes.

Exploring the Science of Light

Hosted by Optical Society of America (OSA) offers activities and optical illusions to test your skills.

Elephant Legs

Does the elephant have more than four legs? Check out this classic optical illusion to see how many legs the elephant has.


Do you see the circles moving around in the image? The rotating circles or “snakes” should appear to dance.

Brain Bashers

Concentrate for 30 seconds on the white dot in the optical illusion; move the mouse over the bar below to see an afterimage painting of the Mona Lisa.

Contrast circles

Check out this optical illusion and see if you can figure out if the circles are the same size or different sizes.

Orange Heart

Look at this optical illusion to see if you can see the faint glow that surrounds the heart.

The Chubb illusion

This is an example of an illusion where the brightness of an object varies greatly depending on the context of the presentation.

Look for the Giraffe

Stare at the picture long enough and you should be able to see a giraffe; this page also features a number of other optical illusions to take a look at.

Physical Illusions

This site explains physical illusions as being mirages, which are caused by an optical phenomenon. What we see is not really there, but the cause of the illusion is in the behavior of light before it reaches the eye.

Inferior mirage

The most commonly observed mirage that is viewed not only mirrored upside-down, but is a mirage of an object seen below that object. A shiny patch on a hot surface that is the reflection of the sky is an example of an inferior mirage. The mirage makes the horizon look lifted up and inverted downwards, causing inferior mirages to be seen over lakes or oceans because these surfaces are long and flat.

Physiological illusions

These happen as the result of rapidly alternating patterns, movement, tilt, changes in color and brightness through flickering or caused by the ‘blind-spot.’ The blind-spot is the area of the eye that has no photoreceptors because the space is filled by the optic nerve.

‘Blind-Spot’ Illusion

This occurs when the eye looks at something specific in space and the brain fills the space with the same color that it sees at that moment.

The Necker Cube

See if you can figure out if the green dot is located in the lower left front or lower left rear of the cube.

The Café Wall Illusion

Explained by Dr. Richard Gregory is an illusion with curious effects in a pattern of tiles on the café wall in Bristol.

Your Eyes Playing Tricks

A great explanation of optical illusions along with some examples of the different types of illusions.

Use Your Illusion

A free downloadable set of illusions that can be used for various purposes.

The Exploratorium

A bunch of different optical illusions; take a look at the fading dot, double trouble, Mona’s smile, and more.

The Neuroscience of Illusion

Discusses the neuroscience of optical illusions and how deceiving the eye can reveal the inner workings of the brain.

Virtual Museum of Optical Illusions

Explore different metamorphic postcards to see if you can identify little animals, flowers, or fruit.

Optical Art Artists

This page discusses some of the well-known artists that have worked to create optical illusion art.

Principles of Illusions

Offers the principles of artistic illusions and the different types of illusions with graphic examples.

Anamorphic Illusions

Offers information on the art of anamorphic illusions, one of the more popular optical illusions, also an ancient painting technique.

M.C. Escher

A Dutch graphic artist that experimented with optical art and dealt extensively with various forms of visual tricks and paradoxes.

Most Popular Illusions

A collection of some of the most popular optical illusions available.

Optical Illusion Galleries

A selection of 66 different galleries filled with optical illusions to check out.

Optical Illusions Games

A list of featured optical illusion based games for kids to play online.

Grand Illusions

Take a look at these different grand optical illusions including amazing dots, dragon illusion, pinwheel, and more.

eChalk Optical Illusions

A list of cool optical illusions including the spinning silhouette, the rotating mask, my stupid foot, the mind reader card trick and more.

Free Picture Illusions

This site features numerous free picture illusions to look at. Check out the spinning dancer, face vase, the lilac chaser, and others.

Exciting World of Optical Illusions

A massive collection of interactive live optical illusions, 100’s of exhibits to check out.

50 Optical Illusion Games

If you like playing games online, check out this collection of optical illusion games.

Cool Optical Illusions

A big list of optical illusion pictures broken down into categories, choose from face illusions, word illusions, moving eye illusions, and more.

Perception Puzzles

Some different illusions that illustrate how visual perception can’t always be trusted when looking at things.

Deceptive Illusions

Maniac World features a number of different optical illusion; most are physiological illusions.

Color Cube Illusions

Check out the different colorful optical illusions featured on this site.

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