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At the pharmacy, you can expect to pay $135 for a 3 ml bottle of Latisse and $175 for a 5 ml bottle of Latisse. But here at, you will only pay $99.99 for the 3ml anf $128.99 for the 5ml. is one of the few reliable online retailers that offer a safe, legal, and easy alternative to high pharmacy pricing on Latisse. It is truly one of the best deals you can find out there for this amazing eyelash growth treatment. But don’t let that fool you. Don’t let the great price cause doubts of quality. The Latisse we sell is the same great product that you will find in any doctor’s office or pharmacy. It is the same same, effective treatment that will stimulate your eyelashes to grow into long, thick full lashes.


Because Latisse is a product that is designed for daily use for four months, it is important that patients find an affordable option. You will not just be buying Latisse one time. You will be buying it multiple times throughout the year. Once you start seeing results, you will undoubtedly be happy to have spent the money, but why not save if you can? Every patient who orders through is evaluated via an online form for health and safety reasons. We want to ensure that each customer is protected, yet we also hope to allow more people from all socioeconomic backgrounds to be able to afford this truly life-changing product. Please keep in mind that Latisse is always more expensive at the beginning phases of the treatment because for the first four months, it needs to be used everyday. However, after four months you should have reached the full potential of eyelash growth and after that, you will only need to apply Lattise occasionally, to maintain the fullness of your new set of eyelashes. The reduction in usage will greatly reduce the amount of money you will be spending on Latisse, but you’ll still have the same great set of eyelashes.

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