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Latisse Eyebrows

While Latisse is not FDA-approved for use on eyebrows, there have been some people who have used Latisse on their eyebrows to good results. These people mostly belong to the cosmetology community. They know the tricks of the trade when it comes to beauty and making your face flawless everyday. Wan to make your face camera or movie star ready? The Latisse cosmetologists know how it's done. They know using Latisse on your eyebrows is one of the best ways to make them thick—like "Audrey Hepburn" thick... even "Marilyn Monroe" thick. Latisse eyebrows are a revolutionary new way to shape your brows and get look you want. From high to low arches or from thin to thick, you can get those Latisse eyebrows.

Alternatives to Latisse Eyebrows

When digging around the internet for eyebrow growth solutions, you may come across alternatives, such as castor oil for eyebrows or Rogaine for eyebrows. While castor oil may be good for many things, there is insufficient scientific support to claim it as useful has a hair growth option. Rogaine, on the other hand is approved for hair growth, but its main function is to help grow hair on the scalp. Latisse is FDA-approved to help you grow eyelashes and can also help grow eyebrows, making it an all-in-one solution for controlling the look of your eyes.

Trying Latisse Eyebrows

If you choose to use Latisse on your eyebrows, you should be aware that, wherever you apply Latisse, that area is likely to sprout hair. This is one reason why you should also be careful when applying Latisse to your eyelashes. That said: be careful wherever you apply Latisse and draw your lines carefully and use a steady hand when putting the product on your face.

Eyebrows are often a focal point on any face and perfect brows will are enough to induce its fair share of jealousy. Having a certain eyebrow shape can make people assume specific things about you. An example is that if you have pointed or high arched eye brows people assume you are ambitious, if they are soft with little arch they assume you are kind. Use Latisse to add hair to your eyebrows to provide the shape that you want. By using Latisse to get the eyebrow shape you want it can be a new staple in your everyday beauty routine in addition to using it on your beautifully long eyelashes.

If you experience any complications using Latisse, you should talk to a doctor immediately. Allergan is not responsible for any damages caused by using Latisse on the eyebrows.