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Latisse Bottom Lashes

Lots of consumers ask: "Can I use Latisse on the bottom lashes?" The answer is yes, you can; however, on the bottom lashes, the normal side effects associated with Latisse are more likely to occur, including possible eye irritation and redness. For some, it's not worth the trouble. Others, however, want thick, sexy bottom lashes, not just top lashes. By putting this product on your bottom lashes, you allow the effect of thick, sexy lashes to be completed, because it's not just at the top lash any longer. So, give it a go if you want to complete your photo-ready, thick eyelash look. Just keep in mind that the irritation may be more likely, because using Latisse on bottom lashes is more difficult from an application standpoint.

In addition to the above-mentioned possible eye irritation, using Latisse on bottom lashes may also create some extra pigmentation. For some consumers, this is enough to discourage them from using Latisse on the bottom eyelashes. For others, though, this can actually be a benefit. The extra darkness under the eyes looks like a coat of eyeliner under the bottom lash. No more messing with messy liquids or stubborn pencil liners! This, of course, means the consumer could save some money by never having to buy eyeliner again. Natural looking eyeliner is all the rage right now in cosmetic fashion. It has been seen as a look on runway models at fashion week in New York as well as on the streets of Los Angeles and other metropolitan areas all over the nation. Latisse bottom lashes help consumers to be fashion forward in that way.

Another caveat to using Latisse on the bottom lash is that you are more likely to accidentally get some pigmentation on the actual eye itself; this is a situation that is considered irreversible. So, as you can see, there are pros and cons to using this Latisse on bottom lashes. It's all about what you, as a consumer, are comfortable with handling. We encourage you to take these pros and cons seriously, because Latisse it is not traditionally used on the lower eyelash line; it can be, but that is not the traditional application, nor why it was created. It was made to be used on the upper lash line to create thicker upper lashes. If you find you have thicker top lashes and thin bottom lashes that don't match, using Latisse on the bottom lashes might just be the solution to completing your sexy eyelash look.