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Because Latisse is a product intended for daily use for the first four months of treatment, price is an important issue to consider before purchasing this life-changing product. Standard size packages usually include a two-month supply, so each patient will need to purchase at least three, and possibly more, packages of Latisse. Latisse is not sold over-the-counter, but you don’t necessarily need a prescription to purchase the medical product. This may be good news for many people out there who want to use Latisse to enhance the length, thickness, and fullness of their eyelashes. The product has an amazing success rate and thousands of positive testimonials from past patients. For this reason, we think everybody should have access to a safe, effective option like Latisse. Purchasing the product at your local pharmacy is often the most expensive way to buy Latisse. Depending on your insurance plan, Latisse at the pharmacy will be the full, highest price you will find. However, there are other ways.


Many online retailers, like, exist to provide a more cost-effective option for patients who want or need certain products, but can’t afford to pay the full price. At, we offer 100 percent legal, FDA-approved ways to buy Latisse and other products, with some of the best price rates you will find. Every application to purchase Latisse is reviewed by our trained medical staff: cheaper products should never compromise your own health and safety. You will save money today and the product will be delivered straight to your door. Not only is this option cheaper, it is easier for you because it eliminates travel and pick-up time. Why choose the harder, more expensive option? offers the same, quality Latisse product you will receive at any pharmacy. The product is safe and easy and after four months, most users see the fullness of their lashes double. Talk to a medical professional about trying Latisse today!

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