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Latisse 5 ML

The recent release of a 5mL package of Latisse has made the eyelash-enhancing miracle treatment even better than it was before. As compared to the original 3mL size, he larger prescription contains 67 percent more Latisse, offering enough to last each patient 10 weeks rather than five. This is crucial because though more than half of users see significantly fuller lashes after only eight weeks, most patients see full results after 16 weeks of treatment. With this many treatment weeks, larger product options simplify the buying and usage process.

No matter the package size, Latisse is the only FDA-approved medical drug that is proven to stimulate eyelash growth and successfully produce longer, thicker, darker eyelashes. The active ingredient, bimaptoprost, is designed to treat hyptotrichosis, a medical condition that means patients have inadequate eyelashes. Bimatoprost stimulates longer growth periods in the eyelashes, resulting in beautifully full eyelashes after just a few months of use. Though Latisse is a medical drug, you do not have to actually suffer from hyptotrichosis in order to get a prescription. If you desire naturally longer, more dramatic eyelashes without putting on make-up, talk to your doctor about trying Latisse. People all over the country use Latisse for cosmetic purposes– longer, fuller eyelashes dramatically change your appearance makingyour eyes and face appear brighter, younger, and naturally more beautiful. You’ll see much less of a need for cosmetic products like mascara or eyeliner. Additionally, Latisse is safe. More than 80 percent of Latisse users report only positive results from the product. And the new 5mL option offers additional benefits.

Compared to the previous 3mL size on the market, this 5mL Latisse will last for 10 weeks. Unless otherwise directed by a doctor, Latisse users are supposed to use Latisse daily for the first 16 weeks in order to see the maximum results. After that 16 week period, patients should still be applying Latisse in order to maintain their full lashes, but you can reduce usage to just a few times per week. If you are following this application schedule, as most Latisse users do, then the new 5mL Latisse option is perfect because two purchases is all you will need to last almost one year. You’ll spend less time worrying about when and how you’ll need to fill your prescription, and more time admiring your amazing new eyelashes.  So if you’re thinking about totally changing your appearance with one simple, eyelash-enhancing product, then talk to your doctor about Latisse today. Negative side effects are rare and most commonly are slight redness or irritation, but talk to your doctor about possible risks and warning signs. The sooner you start the Latisse process, the closer you are to having eyelashes that are doubled in thickness, length, and fullness as compared to your current set. And with the new 5mL package, it’s hassle free!

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